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Are you looking for property management services in Mars, PA? If yes, consider working with the trusted team at DeSantis Property Management!

DeSantis Property Management is a trusted, family-owned company. We help our clients attract long-term tenants, perform comprehensive tenant screening, collect rent promptly and maintain their rental homes. Under our care, we oversee a range of properties from single-family homes and duplexes to condo units and apartment complexes.

With our local expertise, industry experience, and professional skills, property owners won’t need to shoulder the stress of self-managing their properties. Let us handle the day-to-day property management stresses for you! Emergencies and maintenance requests can be directly managed with our effective property management solutions right away.

At DeSantis Property Management we pursue excellence and a commitment to serve our clients. We’re part of the best professional organizations in the industry, the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM) and Realtor. Our clients can sit back and relax as we manage their rental homes. We take a great sense of responsibility and we practice full transparency in our work. Whether they’re local residents or property owners based from out-of-state, our clients can rest easy knowing that we’re managing their properties and investments as if they were our own!

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DeSantis Property Management also believes in flexibility because we understand that no two properties or property owners are the same. That’s why we cater to the unique needs of each Mars rental home under our management.

Contact us today at (412) 631 3100 to learn more about our property management services. We can immediately get started in growing your rental investment and meeting your financial goals!

Our Property Management Services

DeSantis Property Management aims to provide optimal returns for your rental unit with our efficient systems. You can expect us to deliver strategic property marketing, meticulous tenant screenings, timely rent collection, dedicated financial reporting, and vigilant property maintenance and repair. As a property management specialist, we’re results-oriented and are always looking to add more value to your rental investment in Mars, PA. Here are the benefits we offer when you engage our property management services:

1. Property Marketing

To effectively market your Mars rental home, we need to conduct an intensive market analysis. What unique features does your unit offer tenants? Who is the best demographic to target? What marketing techniques will be most useful? As experienced marketing professionals, we can offer plenty of insights.

We also analyze the rental rate to come up with an accurate figure. Once we’re able to focus on the target market and set the right rent, we work hard to help draw in potential tenants. Various strategies will be applied such as posting on popular listing sites, crafting attractive ad copies, and preparing the unit for property showings.

Tenant screening and rental property marketing

2. Tenant Screenings

Screening the tenants is part of our goal in landing long-term renters. If done the right way, you’re assured of consistent earnings for your Mars rental home. Otherwise, it can be costly to have the wrong renters setting foot on your investment property. It’s likely that missed payments and property damage can be expected.

Thankfully, at DeSantis Property Management we’re careful when evaluating a tenant’s suitability. We’re thorough in reviewing their credit scores, criminal record, and rental history. A tenant should also have a stable income to ensure that the rental dues can be fully paid each month.

3. Monthly Rent Collection

If rent collection remains low or inconsistent, you might not make enough to profit from your Mars rental home. You may also end up sacrificing cosmetic property upgrades that attract renters to your unit. We make it our mission to collect the rent fully to ensure that you can meet all your financial needs. This is easily accomplished with our efficient rent collection system that is equally convenient for tenants and property owners. Tracking the payment is also easily done under our management.

4. Property Inspections and Maintenance

Keeping your Mars rental home in tiptop shape is a must if you want to retain your current tenants and attract new ones. This can be time-consuming as wear and tear and damages are inevitable.

inspections and property maintenance

We will conduct regular property inspections to ensure that issues are caught before they become too large and costly. What’s more, with DeSantis Property Management at the helm, you’ll always have access to first-rate maintenance and repair services. Repairs will also be more affordable rather than booking a contractor every time an issue is spotted.

About Mars, Pennsylvania

Mars is considered to be a part of Butler County. It’s situated in the southern area in the middle of Butler and Pittsburgh. It is home to the famous Mars “Spaceship” or “Flying Saucer”.

Residents in Mars, PA enjoy living in this charming borough for its vibrant community and interesting attractions. It’s a great place for families given the available outdoor recreation and convenient amenities such as shopping and restaurants. It also has a number of high-quality schools. Some interesting places to see in Mars, Pennsylvania include the Mars Flying Saucer, Mars Lanes, Garfield Park, Seven Fields Nature Preserve, and the Mars Borough Athletic Complex.

(Source: Wikipedia) 

Areas We Serve

We serve property owners in the following areas: Pittsburgh West, Pittsburgh North, Pittsburgh South, Bridgeville, Imperial, Oakdale, Canonsburg, SewickelyMoon Township, Wexford, Homestead, Cranberry Township, and Beaver County.