How to Attract Long-Term Tenants

attracting long-term tenants

The advantages of having long-term tenants are enough to entice any property owner. Having long-term tenants ensures a steady stream of cash for your rental property. It also saves money by eliminating the need to advertise vacancies and screen tenants after someone moves out. While acquiring consistent tenants in a competitive marketplace may appear to…

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Pennsylvania Fair Housing Act: An Overview

fair housing

As a rental property owner you are required to follow many rules and regulations. Even before you rent out your property, you need to ensure that you’re abiding by the law when marketing your rentals and screening prospects.  Among the responsibilities landlords have, they must adhere to the Federal Fair Housing Act. The act requires…

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Squatting Laws in Pennsylvania – An Overview

PA squatters rights

Squatters in the U.S. have rights, and those in Pennsylvania aren’t an exception. If a squatter can meet a set of guidelines as outlined by the state of Pennsylvania, they may be able to own your property legally.  Are you are an absentee landlord? If you are, then you need to familiarize yourself with the…

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Reasons to Invest in Pittsburgh Real Estate

reasons to invest

Are you looking to invest in Pittsburg real estate? When done diligently, a real estate investment can be very lucrative! It can afford you an opportunity to earn a decent income for many years to come, in addition to diversifying your investment portfolio.  Location is an important indicator of how well a rental investment can…

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Best Areas to Invest in Pittsburgh

best areas to invest

Are you looking to invest in Pittsburgh, PA real estate? Downtown Pittsburgh and surrounding areas are premier choices for investors especially if you’re a first-time home buyer! The market is reliable given that it’s been categorized as a fast-growing city for decades.  Pittsburgh’s key industries are energy, information technology, advanced manufacturing, financial and business services,…

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Top Tips When Buying Investment Property in Pittsburgh

buying investment property

Are you thinking of buying an investment property in Pittsburgh, PA? Investing in rental properties can open up future possibilities. You gain access to a passive income every month and a chance to broaden your wealth over time. Pittsburgh is attractive to investors as it has always been known for its steady growth. Unlike other…

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Pennsylvania Security Deposit Laws

DeSantis PM Pennsylvania security deposits

Besides rent, a security deposit is also another move-in fee that Pennsylvania renters usually pay before signing the rental agreement. A security deposit acts as a safety net for landlords by protecting them against financial issues emanating from negligent tenant actions.  The Pennsylvania security deposit laws are part of the state’s landlord-tenant laws. As a…

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Breaking a Lease in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania- Know the Laws

DeSantis PM breaking lease Pennsylvania

Broadly speaking, tenants who sign a lease agreement do so with the intention of staying for the entire lease period. But sometimes the tenant may need to terminate their lease and the reasons can be varied. Some reasons are legally justifiable while others are not. The tenant can move out citing infringement on their privacy.…

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A Guide to the Eviction Process in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

As a landlord, there are many rules and regulations you must abide by including the Pennsylvania eviction laws. When trying to evict a tenant, abiding by them isn’t optional, it’s mandatory.  There are many situations that can prompt a landlord to evict a tenant. These range from nonpayment of rent to lease violations. But regardless…

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